Hello this is stellar hair salon in Kobe.

Makeover magic show is started from Mr.shunji Matsuo.
This is someone’s have time limited due to cancer and also,elderly person who lost their real life,and a professional makeup and hair dresser,wearing design dress by participating in runway fashion show to help them to regain a healthy life once more vibrant life.
Until now,we have done in five years activities in Tokyo,kobe,Singapore.
Who is welfare organization and professor of Hyogo university is one of my friend,they did drama theater subject of earth problem in the last end of the year in Acashi city.
Scene in the elderly are by participating in the fashion show gotta lively life again!.
One of the elderly person in town became a idol because of the rumors after the theater, she looks so much different and gorgeous.
One of them, regret that had been spend off time in a worried about cancer ,just like a small thing.
Forgotten about bad things.
From now on she became to confidence,looks beautiful.
Then others in town, they also want to join to be a model.
Makeover magic show makes them communication with each others, and in whole town in lively.
They are looking forward about “what is next!!!”
“Let’s the fashion show at the mall ” I heard this from who organized!
Truly grateful moments!!!!!!
I really want to information theory a makeover magic show in Japan and the world, they can make elderly person to be happiness that change the lives!

thank you for your cooperation!!!!